Jerry Conlan

Jerry Conlan, President/Founder & CEO

Jerry is President/Founder & CEO of Carboneire, a sustainable environmental venture that seeks to capture and convert carbon into commercially usable products. 

Prior to Carboneire, Jerry served at the forefront of many industries in several countries. He led teams in the hospitality industry, in the private hospital sector and has driven significant property companies in the U.K., U.S., Ireland and Spain. Originally from an agricultural background, Jerry is committed to capturing carbon and safeguarding the earth.



Ed Horgan

Ed Horgan is the Chief Operating Officer of Carboneire.

Prior to Carboneire, Ed led high-level business transactions for over 30 years, working mainly in investments, managing and investing in property portfolios as well as Information Technology. Ed has orchestrated numerous successful initiatives, while always remaining focused on developing opportunities for maximum gain for all stakeholders. At present, Ed’s focus lies in carbon sequestration, hemp and biochar production and other environmental safeguarding opportunities.

Picture of Fiona Doyle, Carboneire's Chief Administrative Officer.

Fiona Doyle

Fiona Doyle is the Chief Administration Officer for Carboneire.

Fiona has served as Chief Administration Officer of several companies over her career. She has worked in asset management, property leasing and financial oversight. Her experience covers industries including healthcare, hospitality, property and leisure, with locations including Boston, London and Dublin.


Black and white photo of Frank Kavanagh, Carboneire's chief planning officer.

Frank Kavanagh

Frank is the Chief Planning Officer for Carboneire.

Frank started his career in 1973 as an Accountant with the Wexford County Council before going on to become County Manager at the Kildare County Council and County Manager for the South Dublin County Council. Frank has dealt directly with planning applications for Intel, Wyeth and Hewlett Packard and played a seminal role in the development of the 500 acre Grange Castle International Business Park on which Wyeth established the largest bio technology facility in the world. More recently, Frank has set his sights on leveraging his business and property experience to make a positive environmental impact through carbon reduction.

Black and white photo of Robert Johnston, a consultant for Carboneire.

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson serves as Carboneire’s Carbon Credits & Biochar Consultant.

Robert earned his PhD in Hydrothermal Processing & Torrefaction from the University of Leeds in 2012. Since then, Robert has served in a variety of roles, mostly recently serving the E.U. Commission as an Expert on Biofuels, Biocarbon and Pyrolysis. Robert is also the R & D Manager for Argina Fuels, having worked with Argina for over 12 years. He is also the founder of Biocarbon Scientific Ireland, based in Co. Leitrim, Ireland.

Ed Handbridge

Ed Handbidge

Ed Hanbidge serves as Carboneire’s Hemp Consultant.

Ed is one of Ireland’s leading hemp experts, serving in a variety of roles in both the public and private sector. Ed is the owner of Hemp Farm in Co. Wicklow; a co-owner of HempTech Ireland; a founding board member of the HempCooperativeIreland; and a founder of The Wicklow Hemp Partnership.

Bernard Ross

Bernard Ross serves as Agricultural Consultant for Carboneire.

Bernard is a longtime successful farmer from Co. Kildare. Bernard is responsible for Carboneire’s agricultural processes, including overseeing the sowing and harvesting of the hemp crop.